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If you are a researcher planning your
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Local mobile centres

We anticipate that this portal should be able to answer most of your general questions, but if you would like more detailed or tailored information your first port of call should be the helpdesk, who can give you personalised advice about many of the issues connected with moving abroad. You can contact us by e-mail (uk-network@era.com) or over the telephone (+44 (0) 342 1323 1) between the hours of 10:00 and 16:45 GMT, Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).

If the helpdesk is unable to answer your queries because they are related to local or regional information, they will refer you to the most appropriate of the UK mobility centres. You can also contact your local mobility centre directly and to find out which centre is closest to you, use the map opposite.

As a researcher you have free access to a Europe wide customised assistance service offered by ERA-MORE, the European Network of Mobility Centres. These 200 centres in 32 countries assist you in all matters relating to your professional and daily life, including information on legal issues, social security, health and taxes, everyday life as well as family support.