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Practical info

When you leave the UK you may have to sort out a number of practicalities, such as moving your belongings, transferring your money, and notifying the authorities.

Do it yourself. If you are moving within Europe you could hire a van and drive your furniture to your new home. Unfortunately, unlike with cars, it is very difficult to rent a van in one European country and leave it in another so you will probably have to make a round trip. Ferry prices and Eurotunnel fares often differ depending on the length of the van so check the prices before you book the van to make sure that it is worth it. Hire a removal company. There are now many companies which specialise in removals throughout Europe. These often have different tariffs depending on the service: some will pack all your furniture and property, transport it and even store it for a certain amount of time for you. You can ask for a quote from several companies and decide upon which suits you best. Shipping/airfreight. If you are moving further away you may need to ship your property. Even within Europe shipping or freight may be the cheapest option for you. Companies usually charge by weight or volume and they often have added charges such as airline handing fees etc, so you should get several quotes from different companies.

TRANSFERRING MONEY When you transfer your money abroad you could lose out owing to differences in exchange rates and charges imposed by banks on any money transfers. If you have a large amount to transfer it might be worth using a foreign currency broker, who may be able to give better exchange rates and negotiate deals with foreign banks to waive charges.

Studying in a different country may offer a multitude of opportunities and experiences. Situations may vary from country to country with regards to the education system, and if you are considering studying abroad you should look carefully into issues such as fees for international students, qualification recognition, and entry requirements. The following section provides a series useful links that can aid you in pursuing education within the EU and around the world.