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The British Council, with financial support from the European Commission and the Office of Science and Technology, has recently created a 'researcher mobility' support structure across the UK. This is intended to provide practical information and assistance to incoming researchers covering matters relating to both their professional and daily lives; in particular domestic concerns such as accommodation, schooling, childcare, medical assistance, banking, visas, social security, employment opportunities for partners and taxation. The structure is called 'Network UK ' and consists of, at the national level, this internet portal and a helpdesk , which provide comprehensive, relevant and up-to-date information and answers to most common questions concerning a research stay in the UK. The portal and helpdesk are enhanced at the local level by mobility centres in Belfast, Birmingham, Bristol, Cambridge, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Leeds, London, Manchester, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Nottingham and Oxford. These centres provide more personalised information and advice, for example on where the best schools are or where the accommodation is cheaper. Network UK is part of a Europe-wide network of mobility centres providing integrated, trans-national assistance to researchers that is aimed at removing the obstacles to mobility encountered by researchers and their families, in order to create a more favourable environment for trans-national mobility, an improved research system across the European Research Area, and better career development opportunities.